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Why a bike collective? For Sharing,helping,Learning,networking,recycling... For Health,friendship,creativity,self sufficiency...

How it works: the community donates bikes,parts, etc. -> we get the bikes running -> we give the bikes away for a donation or for free -> the cycle continues...We also refurbish and donate bikes for a wide variety of events and programs to help with community outreach and fundraising.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Wish List

-Large recycling bins
-hacksaw blades
-front & rear lights
-27" & 700c tires & tubes in decent shape.
-heavyduty grease
-patch kits
(such as:crescent wrenches,
allen wrenches,
-bike tools
-wire brushes
-your old toothbrush
-cargo racks and baskets
-small toys(handlebar buddies)


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