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Why a bike collective? For Sharing,helping,Learning,networking,recycling... For Health,friendship,creativity,self sufficiency...

How it works: the community donates bikes,parts, etc. -> we get the bikes running -> we give the bikes away for a donation or for free -> the cycle continues...We also refurbish and donate bikes for a wide variety of events and programs to help with community outreach and fundraising.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Past Events

-September,2006 did free bike valet parking again for the sustainable living fair.

-May 2006 Held the 2nd annual "One Speed Open" bicycle race,this year,a benefit for the River song waldorf school of fort collins.

-March 2006 Delivered a bunch of bikes to the Navajo reservation in shiprock,New Mexico

-October 20th.2005 we donated several bicycles for the yard sale benefit for crossroads,and organization helping women victims of domestic violence.

-October 1st. 2005. Bike donated to women's bouldering day,wich raised money through tickets and a raffle for Turning point,a non profit organization that helps at risk youth through wilderness adventure.

-September 17th & 18th We were at the sustainable living fair doing free bike valet parking .

-On January 20th 2005,we were at the anti-inaugurational-community fair at the bean cycle coffee house (thank you!) earlier that day,we rode along in the biggest critical mass in fort collins,the anti-BUSH c.mass!! Probably one of the largest acts of civil disobedience in the fort collins resistance history!!

-On March 5th 2005 we had a benefit yard sale with a bunch of bikes for project Jerico,to buy school supplies for the children of the small town of Jerico in Honduras.

-April 25th 2005 bicycle donated for a special raffle at Lincoln jr. highschool.

-May 29th Bike donated for the fundraiser for the center for justice,peace and environment and Emergency u.s.a.,among other peace organizations,that took place at the mishiwaka theater.

- March 25th,bike donated for take back the night,fundraiser.

-July 4th 2004 We threw a benefit show w/a bike raffle to raise funds to support the victims of repression in Guadalajara,Mexico.


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